Best Australian Land-Based Casinos 2023

Australia is a land of opportunity, where you can be sure to find excitement and thrills in the form of stunning scenery, plentiful wildlife and daring adventures across its vast Outback. But that’s not all – Australia also has an impressive gambling industry with legalised regulations for land-based casinos and racecourses ensuring maximum safety for players.

Whether it’s taking risks amidst majestic vistas or trying your luck at one of the modern-day casinos found throughout major cities on the coast – world-renowned as being some of the safest places to gamble – there are plenty of chances for fun in the best casinos in Australia when visiting this vibrant country!

For Australian players looking to get in on the real-money online casino action, there are plenty of choices. Enjoy a range of top games and generous bonuses with added deposit options including crypto – it doesn’t get much better!

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Find a Local Casino in Australia

Find a local land-based casinos in Australia

Our directory of licensed land-based casinos gives you access to a comprehensive list of facilities in Australia. Simply use our interactive map to click or tap on your state or city, and discover all that each casino and racecourse has to offer – from table games, pokie machines, promotions and deals exclusive only to this location. Get started today for hours full of thrilling entertainment!

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SkyCity Adelaide

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Crown Casino (Melbourne)

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FAQs about Casinos in Australia

How many casinos are in Australia?

As of December 2022, Australia has a total of 14 land-based casinos, which are located in 13 cities around the country. The most popular casino destination is Sydney, which has 2 casinos. Other cities with casinos include Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra, Alice Springs, Perth, Gold Coast, Darwin, Cairns, Hobart, Townsville and Launceston.

Where are the most casinos in Australia?

Most casinos in Australia are located in Sydney, with 2 (The Star and Crown Casino) of the total 14 casinos in the country.

What is the biggest casino in Australia?

Crown Casino in Melbourne is the biggest casino in Australia. It features a gaming floor of over 135,000 square feet, with more than 2,500 gaming machines and 400 tables. There is also a luxurious hotel on site, as well as several restaurants and bars.

What is Australia’s oldest casino?

Australia’s oldest casino is the Wrest Point Casino in Tasmania. It has been open since 1973.

Do Australians gamble a lot?

It’s difficult to estimate the amount that Australians gamble because there is no one definitive statistic on this topic. However, some experts suggest that Australia has one of the highest gambling rates in the world.
According to a study published by The Economist in 2017, Australia ranks as the second most gambling-addicted country in the world (behind Singapore). The study found that Australian adults spend an average of $1,260 per year on gambling activities, which is more than double the global average of $492.
Additionally, a report released by the Productivity Commission in 2015 found that around two-thirds of adult Australians (67%) had gambled in the previous 12 months. Of those people, 66% had gambled on poker.

Are casinos legal in Australia?

Yes, casinos are legal in Australia.
Casinos in Australia are regulated by the government of the state or territory in which they are located. There are a number of different casino operators in Australia, including Crown Resorts, Star Entertainment Group, and Echo Entertainment Group.